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Mrs Sims


Monday, 29 June 2009

Research Task for Tuesday and Wednesday 30th June and 1st July

I hope you all remembered to take sun cream to your Westonbirt day. Phoo what a scorcher!
I also hope you remember to check in to the literature stoodle now and again? I've put a few links up... under 'links' on the right here to help you research Chaucer and the art of 'Courtly Love'. I'd like you to make a power point presentation of your research.
You should include:
Definition of Courtly Love
How the tradition came to England.
What are the elements of courtly love?
What elements of courtly love are displayed in 'The Miller's Tale' so far? (Use quotations too please)
Also look up Chivalry and the middle ages
What is the Knight's code of conduct.
What kind of tale would you expect the Miller to tell in order to "answer" ("quit") the Knight's Tale in the story telling competition. You will have to consider what we have read so far in the prologue and the tale itself.
Next look up a definition of 'Fabliau' The Miller's Tale has been labelled as a fabliau. What kind of tale would you expect from a mixture of these three elements?
I hope to see you next week, unless you are off on another trip?
Mrs Sims