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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Some work to do while I'm off to a meeting...

Good morning guys!
Sorry I have to go to an SCL all day meeting. Would MUCH rather be with you!
Anyways... Here is some work for you to do while I'm away.
I'd like you to translate this section below of "The Miller's Tale" into modern English. "Crafty Nick devises his trick!"
Use your notes and glossary to translate the section and write down a short summary of Nasty Nick's plan.
I've included the section here in case any of you have forgotten your books.

Those of you who were absent last week should check out the research task listed here. Also you should all visit 'Slideshare' to upload your powerpoint presentations to your blog so that I can check your work. Click on the link to 'Slideshare' in the links section of this page. Can't see too much evidence of your research and work so far. I'm sure you are doing it, but not really using the blogs properly yet. You can always post comments to my blog if you need help?

Also make sure you have the notes on Absolon (Absolute ass) - our courtly lover fop!
I will be in all three lessons next week. I really hope you will be there as well. These trips out/ rehearsals etc are driving me in sane.

Nicholas' Plan

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