Love Through the Ages

Welcome to The Literature Stoodle!This Blog has been set up to help you become effective independent learners... and to enjoy the art of blogging. You need to set up your own Blogs to record notes, upload documents, images, videos, music, presentations whatever you like to record and analyse your wider reading. Think of it as a multi-media reading diary. WooHoo!I will upload reading material, videos of lectures to support your wider reading as well as advice from the exam board and help with coursework. I've put a link to amazon with suggestions for wider reading to the right. You can choose anything you like to read provided the subject is 'Love'. Look at the labels to pull up all the posts on specific topics. AND check in regularly.

Mrs Sims


Monday, 24 August 2009

Hello and congratulations to you all,
Below you will find some "last 10 days holiday reading". Read through the wider reading prose text booklet which not only lists some key novels about love through the ages, but also gives you a few more ideas on how to record your work so that you can make the best use of all your wider reading when you come to revise for A2 and use it in the exam. See you all next week and looking forward to that if not entirely euphoric about the prospect of the end of the holidays. Weren't they short?

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